June 16th, 2010

Nevermore - Emptiness Unobstructed

Новый клип Nevermore на самую хитовую композицию с нового альбома. Клип, к сожалению, ничем не примечателен. В отличие от самой композиции. Но в любом случае круто)

Here we are again in this simple valley of deception
Where does it go. is it swimming against the flow
Or does no one ever know
Destiny, tranquility, validity of soul
And I will say once more
The world is still a spinning ball of confusion
That no one understands

Within the cold absolute. the cold brutal truth
There is a pained angel

Take me to the southern shore within emptiness unobstructed
My search for something more
Take me to a higher plane within emptiness unobstructed
Some things just can't be explained